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A New Book Is Coming!

I am simply SO excited to announce that I FINALLY have a new book coming. Though, it is not necessarily the book that I intended to put out. Ever. Here we are, and I hope you love it. “Where do your ideas come from then?” “I don’t know. It’s this nagging inkling of what-if.” “I…

Real Talk No Longer PermaFree

I made the decision this evening to take Real Talk off permafree. It is now $2.99 in all major retailers. However, it will continue to be free on PayHip. Please remember, if you purchase from PayHip, all proceeds go directly to me, so it is the best place to buy. I also offer bundles of…

Heart On Ice — an Olympics Inspired Short Story

So, way back in 2018 I had this idea for a Figure Skating story. I wrote what is below with that shred of any idea –and I liked it, but then decided…I could definitely do more with this. Aaaaaand, so there is about 20K worth of a novel sitting on my hard drive, featuring Hanna…

“Maaaan,” he paused, taking a look at the pair. “Are you having a Real Talk without me?”
“Hard to have a Real Talk and complain about you if you’re part of it,” Heath teased.
“Mean!” Jordan hissed. He took a seat on the edge of his bed. “Do I get to join?”
“What do you have to Real Talk about?”
“What do you?”

-Real Talk, pg. 150