#Stayathome: Or a Pandemic Woe

Like most of us, I’m pretty much stuck at home during this whole COVID-19 thing.

You’d think that would mean I’m getting a LOT of writing done!

Unfortunately… I’m not.

I mean, on the bright side of things: I wrote a whole paragraph yesterday!

But, unfortunately, I mostly lack motivation. Today, Real Talk went “live”. I made two pre-orders (technically 3, including the one I made for my library system’s Overdrive collection; the other two appeared to be from Apple). I am hoping that sales will pick up now that it is out in the world and people can find it better.

I am still dealing with MeatLife so to speak though. Even though I am not reporting into work daily, I still have to find work related things to earn my paycheck. As a librarian, we don’t have a traditional workload and it’s hard to really push through on work stuff when I feel so separated from the population that I serve. Being a librarian away from my patrons is really hard!

On that note though, I have been having a lot of fun doing a Chapter-a-Day from the Wizard of Oz. I’m recording them live on Facebook, and occasionally Instagram, but I don’t read the chapter before hand or review the material (so that I don’t get bored with it, really). So, I tend to flub up a bit when reading. I hope people find it enduring and not annoying?

If you want to follow along on that journey, you’re welcome to check out my library’s Facebook page. So many libraries are doing amazing things while we’re finding ourselves closed down. I’d love to hear what awesome things you’re taking advantage of from your library –or if you’re a fellow librarian, the great ways you’re continuing to serve your communities.

Stay home, stay well!


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