Camp NaNoWriMo: Day 18

First, I have been writing –I didn’t skip a day. In fact, I’m (as of writing this) about 1K shy of 70,000 words for the month with two weeks left to go!

But, I’ve still been working that Pietr/Harper story…and, well. You know how I feel about that.

So, for today, I thought I’d go back and share something I normally wouldn’t.

Steam and Spice.

That Kyle/Jordan/Dylan threesome? Yeah. It’s still mid-progress, so I’m going to do a really cruel thing and potentially rile you up and then leave you hanging.

If you’ve read my novels, you know I don’t usually include full sex scenes. The closest we got was Jordan and Dylan in Honest Lies (no spoilers). Sex is usually implied, with a fade-to-black mechanism. I decided to do that with Real Talk because of Dylan’s age –he’s only 16 the first time he has sex with Tyler. The Age of Consent in that part of the country tends to be 17. (Here in Wisconsin, it’s 16). I had considered aging him up, but I wanted the high school dynamic to introduce Jack and Pixie. It felt pivotal to the plot that they be young and, while comfortable with their identities, still exploring. Even when that exploration could be construed as exploitative.

Maybe I’m just weird.

But in the Dylan Duology, we have a new, clean Dylan who has stopped toxic behaviors involving others. He’s still self-deprecating with a complicated self-esteem pattern. The Quarentine Tales take place about a year and a half after the end of the Duology. He’s continued to grow up, he’s happy in this continued relationship with Tyler, but he still wonders what would have happened if he’d chosen Jordan instead. That was the driving force in bringing these three together. Kyle struggled in the Duology with Jordan having feelings toward another man, and eventually his own attraction toward Dylan.

So, anyway… this is dirty and should be considered NSFW. It’s not overly detailed in anyway, but it’s definitely got three guys in bed, two of them with their dicks out, before I leave you hanging. You’ve been warned.

DLQ: Kyle/Jordan/Dylan Threesome, Continued from Day 9.

“You look upset.” Tyler laced his fingers with Dylan’s as the man leaned over to press a kiss to his cheek. He was in the living room, stretched out on the sofa. An old Musical Chairs; a music biopic style show was playing on the large TV across the room. “And you’re home early. I thought you were having Jordan model for you?”

“I kissed him. He kissed me. We kissed each other and I’m really sorry,” Dylan burst out, unable to contain it any longer. “We were just talking, about the…you know, the sex stuff that’s been happening to both of us, and—”

“Dylan, calm down.” Tyler tugged him gently into his lap. “You kissed Jordan?”

“I did,” he nodded.


“Because…fuck, I don’t know. I wanted to, mostly.”



“Look,” Tyler rubbed his thigh, “we’ve all been cooped up for weeks now. We’re taking our social, and sexual, interactions where we can get it. So…you know, what happens in quarantine stays in quarantine.”

“Seriously? You’re not mad?”

“Are you gonna get mad if I end up kissing somebody?”

“Like who?”

“I don’t know. What if Heath and I went crazy? Or what if Kyle or Markus came on to me? Or Simon, or Dani. Or, fuck, I don’t know, maybe Mora on a really masculine day.”

“You’d kiss Mora?”

“I’d let Mora fuck me, if she was wearing that binder and started off in one of her suits. Damn.”

Dylan laughed, a strange wave of relief washing over him. “You’re not mad then.”

“I’m not mad,” Tyler promised. “Actually, you know what…” he reached up, stroking Dylan’s chin, “that thing we did with Jack was…fun. I love you, but it made me really wonder why the fuck we feel like we have…” he stopped. “No, that’s not right. I don’t want to demean our relationship.”

“Why can’t we still love each other, but also…love other people?”

“That’s never been our thing.”

“It really hasn’t.”

“Real Talk?”

“Real Talk.”

“I’m a little afraid of you being the last, only, person I ever sleep with again. I love you and I love being with you. Everything we do. But…I think we both know that our time apart taught us things that we probably wouldn’t have learned with each other. We became better lovers because we had other experience.”

“We both have plenty of experience.”

“That’s true,” Tyler acknowledged. “But…every person is different.”

“You want to be…polyam?”

“No,” Tyler shook his head. “I don’t want another boyfriend. I want to spend the rest of my life, with you. Just you. But…maybe more of what Simon and Mora have? Ethical Non-monogamy. We both…we know the other person is actively sleeping with someone else, or someones as the case may be. We tell each other, if we have someone we may be seeing regularly. As long as we’re both safe, and we’re get tested regularly…” he let himself trail off.


“Really,” Tyler nodded. “Maybe, occasionally, we can bring in a third again?”

“I’d like that,” Dylan nodded. “Not a regular thing, but…once in a while, for some spice.”

“Good. We’re on the same page. I’m glad we talked.”

“Me too.” Dylan leaned forward, kissing him.

“Hmm, is that Jordan’s strawberry chapstick or yours?”

Dylan swatted him in the chest.


[DYLAN] You’ll never believe what Ty decided. On his own.

[JORDAN] What?

[DYLAN] He wants to have an open relationship. Ethical Non-Monogamy. Like Mora and Simon’s deal.

[JORDAN] Fuck. For real?

[DYLAN] Yep. He wasn’t mad about the kiss at all.

[JORDAN] Wow. That’s amazing.


[DYLAN] If you wanted, maybe we could hang out tomorrow?

[DYLAN] No pressure! No sex! Just, I came over tonight for a reason and we didn’t get around to that.

[JORDAN] Yeah, sure. Come over any time. Not like I’m going anywhere.

“What’s wrong babe?” Kyle moaned as he slid tighter against Jordan’s side. They were lying naked in Jordan’s bed. After proving he was the best kisser, they’d stripped down for a lazy make-out.

“Nothing.” Jordan stroked Kyle’s hair. “Dyl and Ty have apparently decided to try ethical non-monogamy.”

“They what?” Kyle jerked upward, surprised.

Jordan showed him the text.

“Holy…holy fuck. I never thought I’d see the day when Tyler Norse would…wow.”



“Not that I’m expecting it, but…would you mind if I slept with Dylan again? It’s been…it’s been a long time.”

Kyle frowned and Jordan could read the conflict across his face.

“You can say no.” He reached, pulling him back against him.

“I don’t want to tell you can’t do something,” Kyle sighed. “The two of you have been close for ages now. I know how much you’ve wanted to do it again.”

“Before he got back together with Ty, we had agreed to talk to you together,” Jordan told him. “But, I think we can agreed things have changed over the last year and a half?”

“Agreed.” Kyle licked his lips as he lifted his face toward Jordan’s. “Um, since you’re both being more adventurous lately, maybe the three of us could do some fooling around?”

Jordan’s grin was completely instinctual. “Really?”

“I mean…your libido has been stronger lately. You know how much I like to watch. I’d be fine just watching. I wouldn’t have to touch him at all, if he didn’t want me to.”

“You want me to ask? He’s coming over tomorrow.”

“I don’t want to blindside him. Give me your phone.”

Jordan did so, watching as Kyle tapped out a message

[JORDAN] This is K. Glad to hear Ty is loosening up. If you fuck my boyfriend, you cool if I watch?

“Cripes,” Jordan read over the text after it had been sent. “Way to be point-blank.”

“You don’t get if you don’t ask.”

Jordan watched the ellipses of a reply pop up, disappear, then pop up again. He almost thought Dylan wasn’t going to reply again, but just as he was about to put the phone back down, there was a ping.

[DYLAN] Sure. At some point, maybe you can do more than watch?

“Fuck,” Kyle drew out the word with a grin. “We’re going to have some fun during this quarantine shit, aren’t we?”

Jordan shook his head as a thought struck him. “Yeah, but what happens after quarantine?”

“We have the biggest unofficial polycule ever and it will be amazing and every other Polyam couple in the tri-state area will be jealous of us and our dozens of lovers.”

Jordan accepted the kiss Kyle gave him. “You gonna respond to him?”

[JORDAN] I’d like that.


Jordan opened the door for Dylan the next afternoon. The younger man stepped into the entry way. Calmly set down his shoulder bag, hung up his coat, and toed off his sneakers. Then he turned, looking up into Jordan’s eyes for a moment. Before either of them really realized what was happening, his arms were around his shoulders and he was simultaneously pulling him toward him, while also reaching up, rising up on his toes to meet his lips.

“I thought you wanted me to model,” Jordan’s voice went husky.

“This first,” Dylan requested. “Get it out of our systems.”

Jordan chuckled. Like he’d done with Kyle so many times, he broke the kiss to bend down, pushing his shoulder into Dylan’s stomach and lifting him up into a fireman’s carry.

“Oh shit,” Dylan swore.

“Couch or bed.”

“Bed. Definitely a bed.” Dylan was already straining, trying to pull off his shirt as he bounced against Jordan’s shoulder. “Were you really going to pose for me, practically naked?”

“No,” Jordan admitted. He pushed the bedroom door open with his foot and deposited the man onto his bed. His hands went straight for Dylan’s waist band, tugging open the denim before yanking the fabric away from his hips and thighs. The jeans were tossed aside and they were both left in just their underwear; thick cotton boy-shorts for Dylan that hugged every inch. Comfortable trunks that hugged his thighs, but left plenty to the imagination everywhere else for Jordan.

Jordan found Dylan’s mouth again as he knelt between his thighs. “I’ve been thinking about this ever since you texted last night.”

“I’ve been thinking about this for…months,” Dylan admitted.

“I won’t tell Ty,” Jordan teased.

“He’s not stupid. He knows I care about you. Fuck, I care about all of you.”

“All of us?” Jordan stroked the front of Dylan’s shorts, stretching the fabric taut over his cock.

“You. Jack. Kyle. Even Heath and Markus.” He gave a hesitant chuckle. “We’ve built a strange little family here.”

“You think of us all as family?”

“In a way.”

Jordan stretched, kissing him again. “I love you.”

Dylan’s cheeks flushed. “Stop.”

“I do. I have…for ages. I just never tell you because I know that’s a loaded phrase for you. That you wouldn’t want to believe me.”

“I do believe you. I love you too.” He laughed again, his face breaking into a smile. “Fuck, that feels so weird. I love you, but I also know I love Tyler, and this is…this is really fucking confusing.”

“I know. I found it really confusing to be in love with more than one person at a time too. At first. Then, I got used to it. It’s…nice. Reassuring, once the anxiety ends.”


“Knowing that I’m capable of holding that feeling for more than one person. That I have that much love in me to share.” Jordan looked up into his face. “K and M have always said they felt like they needed to be polyam because they have so much love, it’s overwhelming if they don’t share it. It’s not like that for me. It’s more like…I know I have these untapped pools in me. I know they’re there, but I can’t access them until I find the right person, and I want to give them as much as they can handle.”

“I think I can handle more than I used to be able to.”

“Good.” Jordan ducked his head, pressing his mouth to Dylan’s cock; still encased in cotton. He sucked at him, biting the fabric between his teeth and tugging. Dylan groaned and ran a hand over Jordan’s hair. He hadn’t gotten it trimmed in weeks now. The strands were tight and twisted in locks, but unexpectedly soft to the touch.

Jordan pulled away, making him grunt in disapproval.

“I promised K that I’d call him if we…”

“Right,” Dylan blinked, “he wanted to watch.”

“He does. He likes to watch,” Jordan’s voice was husky.

“How fast can he get up here?”

Jordan moved to pick up his phone from the charge pad. “Let’s see.” There was a brief pause while Jordan waited for Kyle to pick up the video call.

“Hey babe.” Kyle’s voice sound, though Dylan couldn’t see the screen. “What’s up?”

“You busy?” Jordan asked.

“Not really. I just got home from the studio. I was going to grab some food and watch some baking show.”

“You want to come up here and watch me fuck Dylan? I’ll feed you afterwards.”

There was a brief pause. A clatter and then the sound of the apartment door closing. “Don’t do anything before I get there. Two minutes. Less if I don’t have to wait for the elevator.”

The phone beeped and Jordan chuckled, tossing the phone back onto the pad.

“You heard him. Two minutes, which is plenty of time to ask,” Jordan opened his side table, taking out a bottle of lube and a couple of condoms. “Before, you weren’t into penetration. Has that changed?”

Dylan reached across himself, gripping his own elbow. “I…” He wasn’t sure what it was, but he hadn’t allowed even Tyler inside of him. He hadn’t had penetrative sex in years. It just felt wrong. It hadn’t always. He remembered enjoying it, but ever since his brief bout of celibacy, it had become just so much more intimate to not do that.

“It’s not a trick question, Dyl. I just want to know what you like.”

“No,” Dylan admitted. “I still don’t do that. Anymore.”

“Okay. Do you want me to focus more on your dick or do you like stimulation? Fingers? Rimming?”

“That’s fine,” Dylan nodded. “Just, no more than two fingers.”

“Okay.” A nitril glove joined the condoms and lube on the bed. “Anything else?”

“Do you have limits I should know about? You still have that finishing issue?”

“It’s been better,” Jordan replied. “Kyle finally convinced me to try cock rings. They help.”

“I bet that looks sexy as hell.”

“You’ll see in—”

A panting Kyle appeared in the bedroom door way. He was only half-dressed and barefoot. His sweats were sliding, loose, over his hips.

“Oh good, you listened.” He took a deep breath, straightening. His hands went to his sweats, tugging them back up. His fingers made quick work of tightening the waistband string. “I see you didn’t call before most of the clothes came off. That’s okay though.” His eyes roved the room. “Where do want me? The chair? That’s nice and out of the way.”

“No,” Dylan shook his head, “Come sit here next to me.” He moved onto the bed, getting comfortable on the pillows. “You’ll have a better view.”

Kyle didn’t argue. He stopped on his way to join Dylan on the bed to give Jordan a kiss hello, then got comfortable on top of the comforter.

“We already defined some limits,” Jordan addressed Kyle. “You want to lay any out?”

“What kind of limits?” Kyle asked, his eyes flicking over Dylan, drinking him in.

“Fingers only penetration.”

“Oh.” Kyle sounded almost disappointed.

“I just d-don’t do that anymore,” Dylan stammered as explanation.

“You don’t have to justify it to me,” Kyle shrugged with a slight smile. “Bax and I don’t do anal very often together anyway. We definitely prefer oral and frotting when we’re together.” He brushed a lock of hair off Dylan’s forehead. “As long as you feel good. That’s what matters.” He shrugged with a laugh. “Sometimes I wonder if this one even likes orgasms. He edges himself like crazy.”

“It feels good.” Jordan tossed the supplies into Kyle’s lap before crawling onto the bed with the two men. “Building it up, over and over so it’s extra powerful when I do finally finish.” He shrugged. “Maybe it’s an ace thing?”

“I think it’s a fetish thing,” Kyle teased.

Jordan shrugged. “Maybe.”

“You gonna come for us today?” Kyle raised an eyebrow.

“He better or I don’t know why the fuck I’m here,” Dylan grumbled.

Jordan laughed softly. He pushed Dylan’s thighs apart, settling between them. He leaned forward, kissing him. “I will. You’re going to make me come so hard I see stars. Eventually.” He moved down Dylan’s chest, pressing his mouth to his skin. Left shoulder, right clavicle. Right pec. Left nipple –with an extra biting tug that made Dylan moan.

Kyle pressed into Dylan’s side, watching Jordan’s journey south. He shifted, putting an arm over his shoulders. The pads of his fingers brushed Dylan’s neck. “Is this okay? Touching you like this.”

Dylan nodded. He reached over, gripping Kyle’s thigh. The man moaned in his ear as Jordan reached the waistband of his shorts. He glanced up at the two of them before he pulled the fabric taut over Dylan’s cock again; resuming his previous work of sucking him through the fabric.

“I’m so glad he’s opened up,” Kyle’s voice was warm in Dylan’s ear. “I’ve always wanted to see him suck other men off. He has such a great mouth. So warm. And that tongue…oh, god, what he can do with his tongue.” A kiss brushed Dylan’s jaw before he turned back to the action. He rested his head against Dylan’s.

Jordan worked under the waistband of Dylan’s shorts. He pulled deliberately, keeping his cock covered; pulling it down along with the fabric until the resistance gave up and it popped from it’s encasement. It was just as he remembered it. Long and smooth with a slightly pink head protruding from an uncut sheath. He was only half hard, and as he’d get harder, that head would push further and further out…

“Shit. You’re uncut. I wasn’t expecting that.” Kyle murmured.

“Is that weird?”

“In white guys? Yeah.”

“I guess I’ve never paid attention,” Dylan said. He started rubbing Kyle’s thigh methodically. “I like all cocks. Big or small. Cut or uncut. I like when they have a curve, or when they’re rod straight.” He bit his lip. “I’m not bias.”

Kyle chuckled. “Good. Me neither.” He turned Dylan’s face toward his, catching his lips in their first kiss just as Jordan’s tongue met the head of Dylan’s cock.

Dylan moaned. Kyle next to him, kissing him while Jordan was between his thighs, his cock in his mouth. It was so much; almost overwhelming.

“Do you mind if I stroke myself?” Kyle asked.

Dylan shook his head. He was wildly curious what Kyle’s cock looked like. He didn’t have to wait long. He was still soft. He knew from over-shared conversation that Kyle tended to take a while to get hard. Other than his own cock, he’d could count the number of unaroused cocks he’d handled on one hand. He often teased Tyler now. Way back when, when he’d first fooled around to Jack, they’d had a very clinical exploration of each other’s bodies –but even that had eventually led to very, very hard cocks that they’d excused each other and taken care of privately.

“Can I?” His focus was pulled from the great job that Jordan was doing to the man beside him. “Just for a minute?”

“Sure,” Kyle moved slightly and Dylan took hold of him, stroking lightly before he released it to cradle his scrotum. The two orbs inside rolled against his fingers. Kyle inhaled and his cock twitched.

“His balls are definitely the quickest way to get him hard,” Jordan teased as he lifted his head to use his hand and give his mouth a break. “You getting distracted up there?”

“No,” Dylan shook his head. “You’re doing a great job.”

“Good. Toss me the lube and the glove. Then,” Jordan leaned forward, licking the frenulum, “I’m going to need to hold your thighs.

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