Real Talk No Longer PermaFree

I made the decision this evening to take Real Talk off permafree. It is now $2.99 in all major retailers. However, it will continue to be free on PayHip.

Please remember, if you purchase from PayHip, all proceeds go directly to me, so it is the best place to buy. I also offer bundles of all 5 of my books in the Dark Little Town series in both paperback and digital, which is the best bargain.

The truth is: I’m in a bit of a struggle financially at the moment. If folks are going to buy them, I need to be getting paid for my work. Far too many people pick up freebies and never read them or review them. I’ve literally given away over a thousand copies of Real Talk and it still has only 6 reviews and 11 ratings on GoodReads.

Thanks for your understanding and support.

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