#Stayathome, Part 3: The Bingies

Like most of us, I enjoy a good binge.
In fact, I would argue that binge watching a show is the best way to watch a show. Or read a book series. Particularly manga.

So, with all my new found free time, what do you think I’m binging?

My choice platform is currently Disney+ and I’m making my way through the Hercules: The Animated Series collection. It is terrible. And I love every minute. SO MANY recognizable, famous voices! French Stuart! Sandra Burnhardt! Tate Donovan! James Wood! Dedrich Bader!

I also went through the Recess Animated series, and have the movies downloaded to watch as well.

Netflix is another story. I have amassed a huge watch list of East Asian Dramas. Much like Hercules: TAS, they are terrible. But I LOVE THEM.

So…simply, what are you binging? An inquiring mind needs to know (so I can add to my list…)

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