#StayatHome, Part 4. A Blatant Attempt at Sales

I hope this Saturday finds you all amazing. We’ve all been following the #Stayathome edicts and, you know, staying at home, right? I know I have.
My brother, on the other hand, did not. It snowed in our neck of the Wisconsin woods yesterday. He and his girlfriend, while fully disregarding the hashtag, spun out my parent’s truck on a patch of ice and hit a telephone pole.

To say my mother is not happy is an understatement.
But it is generally par-for-the-course when it comes to my brother and his girlfriend.

That all said: how about buying a book? I’m running a sale through Easter for Real Talk at $2.99, from all your favorite vendors. You can, of course, read Chapter One for free, right here on the blog.

Not ready to read but want to mark it on GoodReads? I got you covered there too.

I promise, eventually these blog posts will be more interesting. But today, is not that day. Now…back to work on Book 3, which I have been actively avoiding pretty much all day!

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