New Short Story Available!

Happy Thursday, y’all. I dropped a new short story for sale today!

This story is one that I worked on for…awhile. I had submitted a version of it to a local Literature Magazine, but it didn’t jive with them. I don’t generally speak ill of the writing scene in my area, but honestly: I don’t think we’d get along anyway. My view of a good read is very different from theirs.

So, thank goodness for the internet.

Anyway, Freedom to Choose is the story of a young guy who has lived in his mother’s shadow his entire life. Assumptions have been made about him, which make him adamant to be what he is isn’t: straight. Enter, the love interest and a change in opinion.

I admit, I don’t really like the “only gay for you” trope. But, this kind of inadvertantly is that. Whoops.

If you feel like dropping $0.99, you can find it at a handful of vendors now:

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