Book Giveaways

Starting April 26th, I’ll be doing a Giveaway via Voracious Readers Only for 20 books. If you’re a user of that service, be on the look-out!

Admittedly, this is an attempt to draw in some reviews as I think it will help to drum up sales.
Keeping in mind, I did not become an author to make a million dollars.
I am an author because I cannot stop myself from writing. In general. I mean, I’m still great at procrastinating.
Ask me how Camp NaNoWriMo is going. I dare you.
(Not very well, that’s how it’s going.)

Anyway. Giveaways.

Apparently I can’t even give my book away. Even when not framed around requesting a review. Personally, I think its polite to leave a review for a free book. Equal exchange of goods. But, even when framed as: No really, I just want this in the proverbial hands of a reader… No bites.

So. I’m offering an additional 25 copies of Real Talk anyway, available via Prolific Works, up for grabs. A review is nice, but not required (as I have no way of asking you to so anyway). You can claim your free copy here. You shouldn’t have a problem claiming one.

Thanks for reading,

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