Pick up Real Talk for FREE!

Hey everyone! To celebrate the pending publication of Book Two: Pants Optional of the Dark Little Town series, I’m offering REAL TALK for free until July 15th via Prolific Works!

(Marketing Image: Real Talk cover in an e-reader. Reads: First in Series! A conversation: “You think I was a bully?” “You called him Little Emo.” “I could have called him a lot worse.”. Available from Apple Books, Amazon, B&N, and others. http://www.books2read.com/realtalk.)

To sweeten the deal, I am also offering PANTS OPTIONAL for free, to anyone who reviews Real Talk. All you have to do to redeem is send me a message either via Facebook, GoodReads, Twitter, or here on the website with a link (for validation) to your review.

(Cover art for: Pants Optional. Features a long haired drummer. Author: Sam LaRose. A Dark Little Town Novel.)

I want REAL, HONEST REVIEWS. I can accept criticism and fully expect it. Reviews are important for the growth of my series. I don’t write to make money (I’ve made enough to buy a bag and a half of cat food; true story). I write to share –which is why I will ALWAYS offer free copies to anyone who legitimately wants to read my writing.

If you are inclined to purchase instead, you can always pick up digital copies of Real Talk from your favorite vendor (Apple Books is currently the favorite), and Pants Optional is available NOW for pre-order. Not all vendors have accepted it yet, but it is currently available on Apple Books, Barnes and Nobel, Baker & Taylor (if your library buys ebooks, make a suggestion!), etc.

Print copies of BOTH books are still pending. I am just waiting for my author copies to arrive for review before I authorize their distribution. I believe because of the COVID-19 pandemic, production is experiencing delays.

Thank you SO MUCH and I hope you’ll pick up a copy of Real Talk and/or Pants Optional soon!


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