Happy Birthday to Me!

I’m not one to make a huge deal out of Birthdays. I’m more a gift-giver than a gift receiver.

Which is why, I’m offering 25 copies of the Real Talk ARC, completely free. You know, which is my jam.

What can you do for me on this celebration of my 32nd summer? You can review it. No, really. I’m so appreciative of the people who have reviewed my book –even those that had less than stellar things to say.

(Y’all, I -know-. I really do. But I hope you still check out Pants Optional, but IMHO, as the author, Real Talk is worth slogging through to read about Heath and Jack. And Kyle and Markus. And GUESS WHAT, I think if you really like Pants Optional, you’re going to really like Jordan’s book…when I’m done with it. It’s getting there. I swear. Fingers crossed.)

You can find Real Talk to review on GoodReads, Amazon, and other major retailers that offer review options. I GREATLY appreciate reviews on GoodReads, as i feel like that is the most approachable.

PLUS, guess what? If you leave a review of Real Talk…I’ll still give you a free copy of Pants Optional. Just send me a message!

And you know what? If you love them…I’m going to have print copies available VERY SOON (like legit; I expect my author copies to be at home waiting for me when I get home from vacation for my final approval and some proofing work… I AM SO EXCITED!). If you’re like me, holding a print copy in your hand makes reading a book feel so much more ‘real’.

Anyway. If you haven’t yet, and you want to grab a free, no obligation (like I said, reviews are appreciated), copy of Real Talk, just click here to grab it from Prolific Works.

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