Real Talk: Revised Edition


I did a bad thing.

I published a book that hadn’t been as thoroughly edited as I thought it had been. To be honest, the number of eyes that saw my novel before it was published were minimal at best.

So, when I ran a freebie promotion with Voracious Readers (Spoiler Alert: I probably won’t do that again; I gave away 10 copies of my book, and only netted 1 review…What happens when I pay for a campaign?). One of those lovely readers left me a review, which I greatly appreciate. But they pointed out a major flaw –a name swap. A name swap I TOTALLY should have caught in the six hundred times I read-over my own work. That is such a glaring error!

I managed to fix the name swap, and all was better in the world.

Or was it?

Over the past week, I finally received my Author Copies of Real Talk. I gave it another re-read and corrected things as I went. It was atrocious to say the least. There are less than 3 pages with zero corrections, and none of them contain more than a paragraph.

Sigh. It took me three more days to actually make the changes from the print copy in my hand to my document on the screen. It was an aggravating, frustrating scenario and I don’t want to do it again.

So, I hope you’ll continue to support me so that some day, I may be able to afford to hire an editor to do that shit for me. I am not looking forward to editing Jordan’s book –although, I will say: Pant’s Optional was not nearly as bad, and it was mostly punctuation. I literally dropped almost 2000 words in Real Talk. So, now my word count on the back is lying. But TBH, who trusts a word count anyway?

For those of you who purchased Real Talk with all of those glaring errors. I gotch you! Please contact me in whatever way works best for you, and I will supply you with a link to download an updated version of Real Talk in mobi, epub, or PDF. I can’t promise that EVERY error is gone, but the most glaring are. All I require is some kind of proof of purchase.

From here on out, all freebie or promotions I do will also be in the form of the newly updated version of Real Talk.

In other news, PRINT EDITIONS ARE HERE! Pants Optional went live on Tuesday and is available almost anywhere you buy books, including Barnes & Nobel and Amazon. Real Talk will be available from the same, fingers crossed, on Friday. If the world moves quickly, you may be able to place pre-orders on them as as soon as tomorrow.

Thanks for your support.


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