Real Talk: Free eBook for the Holidays!

As you know, I try to make free copies available quite regularly. So, with the holiday season upon us, it seemed like as good a time as any to put Real Talk up for FREE. Except Amazon, which forces me to charge 99 cents.

So, don’t use Amazon, I guess?

To find Real Talk for Free, you can go my UBL: OR go to my Book Page on the website. Links for paperbacks are also up! If you want to make sure you’re supporting me, please consider purchasing from my PayHip shop.

Real Talk is my baby of a novel. It’s an important story in order to enjoy Pants Optional, which is probably my favorite of the trilogy.

Should I admit that? Probably not, huh? I just really love Jack and Heath, as well as Kyle and Markus. The dynamic they have together is really fun to write. I think Heath and Kyle compliment each other strangely well; Heath is very much a cuddly and accepting person who makes friends easily, whereas Kyle first strikes people as stand-offish and even rude –until you actually start talking to him, and he’s just really into wanting people to be their best selves. Even if that means having to make changes of his own to make someone more comfortable.

Who doesn’t love that?

Which is why writing Jordan’s book and hooking him up with Kyle was so much fun. Jordan was really a blank slate. I had never put much thought into him. So…I wanted to really focus on him and give him a character. We see much more of a family dynamic from Jordan, meeting his Moms and hearing about his extended family. We get to meet Kyle’s family as well, because family is important to these two characters. It was obvious to include them when telling their story.

Not to forget Dani! But, I don’t want to spoil so…we’ll leave Dani out of the current conversation until I know I have more readers… (Hint: It’s a pronoun thing!)

So, now that the trilogy is out and available, what am I doing now?

Well, I completed my most successful NaNoWriMo in my 12 years of participating. 75,800+ words. And then, I immediately jumped into another project. Which is weird, because I usually take December and January off, then get back into writing in February.

But…there is a story I apparently really want to tell. Again, no spoilers. But I will say: It’s a jump into the future, with characters you already know and love (…if you read my novels anyway). So, if that isn’t incentive to get reading, I don’t know what is!

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season –whatever you celebrate.


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