Book Giveaway Challenge!

If you don’t know, I’m on TikTok now.

It’s a rabbit hole I never meant to fall into. But too late now!

Yesterday, January 14th, 2021, I issued a challenge via the platform in a quest to give away some ARC copies I have lying around of Real Talk (before the rather extensive correcting that happened to it). I now have CLEAN copies on the way, but I have almost a DOZEN in a box that are otherwise useless to me.

All in all, these copies are fine. They just have 1 particular scene between Tyler and Heath I don’t care for. Heath makes some disparaging remarks about Mora that just are not within his frame of character. So I cut it. And then, the typos. God, the typos…

So! If you’re interested in possibly receiving an ARC edition of Real Talk (which is otherwise readable!), the challenge is fairly simple.

Write (And perform) the song “Crater Avenue”. The only thing you have to go on is that this song is a euphemism for dry humping. That’s all I’ve ever written about it. Heath attributes it as Jordan’s idea, but he is the one who ran with it and actually produced the song. Some things for you to keep in mind.

For winners I really enjoy, I also have similarly unsaleable copies of Pants Optional. I’ll give you both.

So, go forth! If you’re posting your creations on Facebook, be sure to tag my page (Sam LaRose, Author), e-mail or comment here with a link if you’re posting to YouTube, and you can tag me on TikTik.

I can’t wait to see what you might come up with!


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