Beta Reader Applications Open

Do you like reading books before they’re available to the general public?

Do you have opinions you like to share with authors?

You might make a great beta!

I’m trying something a little different this time around for Beta Reading on my newly announced Dylan Duology. (Yes, you read that right –Dylan Montgomery is back, and he’s filling TWO BOOKS. Don’t even get me started). If you’re interested in giving beta reading a try, you can apply using the form at

Beta Reading is easy! Read the book, answer a questionnaire. The questions aren’t hard, but I think it helps if you keep notes as you read along –and you can do that easily just on the document I send you! You can also highlight problem areas, make comments, and corrections. It’s REALLY helpful, and it’s all in Google Docs, so you can access it from anywhere.

The caveat is: If I send you a book and you don’t fill out the feedback form…I’ll never send you a (Free) book again. Not a terrible trade off right? Free read for your opinion?

And, my current betas will tell you: I am very generous. I often send my previous novels as thanks you (especially for people who haven’t read my previous work), and if you do a really exceptional job, I may send you print copies at my own expense. When I’ve built a better following, I hope to be able to offer other beta reading incentives too, but for now I am small potatoes.

Thanks for your consideration –and even if you aren’t interested in beta reading, I hope you’ll keep an eye out for when the Dylan Duology books go live for pre-order! I should have a better idea and dates up soon. Thanks so much!

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