Camp NaNoWriMo: Day 7

Today’s story is a shorter than short one. Mainly because I want to get back to my book!

I know. Terrible.

It’s a continuation of Dee’s story, and I hope you’ll enjoy it, despite it’s briefness.

Prompt: Peaches and Eggplant Produce

I tried to ignore Meredith as we drove the distance between Oakdale and home. It wasn’t a long drive, but it was a boring one. Not much scenery.

“Oooh, can we turn up at Hickory Drive and check out Produce Lane?”

Produce Lane was a strip, just slightly off the beaten path, where various farmers had set up road-side stands with fresh daily produce. Some where operated by disgruntled kids who’s parents had better things to do than make sure their veggies got paid for, some where on an honor system, and others by older folks who liked the social interaction.

“Why should we?”

“Because I’ll buy you fresh strawberries. I have a pint of ice cream and sponge cake at home that will taste delicious with it. Just for you.”

Shit. There were reasons I was still friends with Mer. She knew my favorite things.

“Fine,” I sighed. “But I’m still mad at you for making to go to a sex shop and then making me admit to a cute boy we went to a sex shop.”


“Yes, Lolli! How could you miss how cute he was?!”

“He was okay, I guess. He looked a little too hipster. Pretty sure he was gay.”

“I’m fairly certain he was flirting with me, so…probably not gay,” I countered.

“Bi then. Pan, maybe. Not straight.”

“Straight men can like to look nice, Mer.”

I didn’t know any that ever cleaned up that good on the regular, but…a gal could dream, right?

“You’re going to miss the turn! Slow down, slow down!” Meredith bounced in her seat.

I sighed. I didn’t need her help navigating, like at all. But I did as she said and slowed down to turn onto Hickory Drive at the big “Produce Lane” sign.

“Oh. My. God. Look!” She pointed at a large professionally printed sign that featured a giant Emoji Peach and a matching Eggplant, followed by the word produce. Wow. Just wow. Way to entice buyers.

I knew I didn’t have a choice but to pull into the drive way. A large shade tent was set up with a couple of tables and a lawn sign version of the sign was there. Two older women sat in lawn chairs under a smaller canopy, a cashbox on the table between them.

“Good afternoon girls,” one called. “Welcome to Peaches and Eggplant. We’ve got watermelon today!” Her voice was raspy, like she’d smoked most of her life.

“We’re actually on the look out for strawberries,” Meredith explained.

“Over on the left. Some nice blueberries too,” she pointed.

I went for the veggies as Meredith went to pick out the best strawberries. I considered what we might use. Two of my three older brothers were home for the summer, so it was a full house. I picked out a dozen large ears of sweet corn and some green onions. Something we could always use.

“Why do you call your stand Peaches and Eggplant when you seem to have neither?” Mer asked, approaching the ladies with her fruit bounty.

The old women looked at each other, then up at Meredith.

“They aren’t in season.”

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