Light the Lamp Update

I haven’t published anything since 2021, but I finally have the first in my new LGBTQ hockey romance series coming out next month! I am super excited about it and have gotten a lot of positive feedback from early readers. One of my beta’s called it a “cozy romance” with “Heartstopper vibes”. That is basically the highest compliment I feel I could have been given.

I know that Light the Lamp is a little unusual. It’s the first I’ve ever seen that features a nonbinary lead (who isn’t completely androgynous), has plus-size representation, AND the series follows the same couple for…at least 6 books. I wrote this book because I wanted to see a character who was more representative of me. Harper and I are very similar, and I know there are other folks out there like me who will relate to them as much as I do.

It would help me out a TON if you would pre-order a copy! Options for both eBook and paperbacks are available at Specifically, buying directly from my PayHip will net you 3 teaser chapters to get you hooked, when buying an eBook edition. On release day, the download link will get updated with copies of the book in Mobi, ePub, and PDF versions of the book! While you’re there, consider checking out some of my other work.

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