I’m Hosting a Book Launch Event!

Anyone local to me may remember last year when I was on a panel as part of Pride events in Eau Claire, WI. The Chippewa Valley LGBTQ+ Center invited me and two others to come speak about our experiences as queer creators. You can actually watch the whole talk here!

Anyway, after that event I spent almost an hour or so chatting with one of the owners of the venue (String Theory Studio), Katie. Part of this conversation was about maybe, possibly, would we like to collab on doing a book launch at her business?

Well, that was months ago, before Light the Lamp was anywhere near ready for eyes, much less a PUBLISHED BOOK. I didn’t really think any more of it. Except, now, it’s releasing in 19 days!! So, I sent Katie a message on String Theory’s website and asked…”Would you still let me do this?”


So, we have the venue set and OH MY GOSH I AM HAVING MY VERY FIRST BOOK LAUNCH EVENT! Because, you know, all of my other books came out during the height of the pandemic, so doing such a thing was just not going to happen.

I hope you’ll join me on Tuesday, May 23rd at 7 PM. String Theory Studio is located at 116 N Bridge St., Chippewa Falls.

What can you expect of this event? First, I am a low key person. Nothing fancy. Please don’t air our your black-tie best. Casual and comfy. If I’m wearing anything other jeans and a literacy-promotion t-shirt, something probably just went wonky that morning.
I’m anticipating doing a reading, some Q&A, and otherwise just having an informal meet-and-greet atmosphere. I’ll have copies (fingers crossed shipping doesn’t get delayed!) of Light the Lamp, as well as my other books should you be so inclined to make a purchase. Yes, I will sign them, if you are so inclined. I might even personalize the autograph if you ask nicely.

However, if you just want to come out, listen to me talk, maybe eat a cookie or something, that’s cool. I DO encourage everyone to check out String Theory Studio’s wares. Even if you don’t buy a book from me! They have some great crafty items, as well as pins, books, stickers, and more. I always find a dozen things I want to buy, every time I go in there.

I am hoping to be able to offer some kind of a goodie bag for attendees, including a 10% discount to the ebook collection in my PayHip shop. That will work on any item in the digital collection, including the complete series set for Dark Little Town and Dylan Duology, as well as as the new book: Light the Lamp.

If you have any other questions, feel free to drop a comment here, reach out on the social media of your choice, or use the contact form on my LinkTree.

Hope to see you there!


NOTE: If you are planning on purchasing books at the event, cash payment for books preferred. I may be able to do cards w/ the PayPal app, or purchase from my PayHip shop and let me know you’d like to pick up at the event. This is my first time doing in-person purchases so please bare with me!
Prices listed in my PayHip shop are current
A complete set of all books, including Light the Lamp and my short story Freedom to Choose will be $80, while supply lasts. (Freedom to Choose is NOT currently listed in my shop!)

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